Glencairn Kirk

Glencairn Kirk, Kirkland

Glencairn & Moniaive Parish Church is a linked charge with Dunscore Parish Church and is within the Presbytery of Dumfries and Kirkcudbright.

The parish of Glencairn & Moniaive is located at the northern end of the scenic Cairn Valley in mid-Nithsdale, which is part of the Dumfries & Galloway region of South West Scotland.

The community is centred around the village of Moniaive.

We aim to play an active part in the community we serve, reaching out with the love and joy of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is ‘To convince all people of God’s love for them’.

On 19th January 2020, the Revd Mark R S Smith was duly elected as our new Minister. Read more about this on our ‘News’ page. Over the past year of Vacancy, the support and guidance of our Interim Moderator, The Revd J Stuart Mill, and all of our visiting Ministers  has been greatly appreciated by the congregation. There will be an opportunity to thank them all properly at a future date.

Covid-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus)

On 17 March 2020, Presbytery advised us to cancel services of worship and other church gatherings until further notice.  Cancellation or changes to other activities are noted on the following pages.  Other dates shown may have to be altered.


From our Minister


As you can imagine, with sales down, many Fair-Trade partners are struggling at this time. Ross Isdale, Development Manager for the Scottish Fair-Trade Forum has raised this concern and the need for funds and support for Fair Trade networks across the globe. Details will be sent via email and Facebook and can also be seen at: https://youtu.be/lk-m1DPejQs

WORSHIP during self-isolation and social-distancing:

We are finding ways to ensure that we can all continue to worship together as far as possible.  We will use telephone contact and CFNs and the internet –

Zoom video-conferencing for Sunday worship                                                    YouTube clips for meditation and reflection (highlighted in CFNs)              Facebook posts for ongoing encouragement and information                               Email for general contact and updates

– but we’re aware that some of you are not connected to such things.

We will include the reading, hymns and a few thoughts on each week’s CFN.  Use these to join in the worship, prayer and study life of the congregations as you are able.

TOGETHER AT HOME – 7pm Sunday & Thursday.

Join in prayer, thought and reflection. Use the weekly prayer and theme from CFNs.   Light a candle. Look at pictures of friends/family/congregation. Listen to restful music.   As we pray through Jesus the Holy Spirit will unite us across the isolation and distancing.


Lord, begin with me,
turn my world upside down,
come change my heart around.
Lord, keep on washing me clean,
begin with me,
come and renew my mind
and lead me to the light
till I am more like You, Jesus.
Lord, begin with me.


Ask God to help you be more like Jesus in serving and loving others.

Psalm 67 – music and images for prayer, contemplation { https://youtu.be/q8YCOl5Hy-Q


Acts 1:12-26 { https://youtu.be/BMhQw-XuQac


10.30am – Worship Together via Zoom video-conference.  We will be joined by David Coleman, Environmental Chaplain with Eco-Congregation Scotland.

It’s Pentecost and as we reflect on the Holy Spirit, the Wind of God, David has asked that we have a go at making a mini wind-turbine or weather-vane from bits around the home!

See his video on: https://youtu.be/P3h2CuflFD4 – let us know how you get on!


God Bless & elbow bumps.

Mark RS Smith

Another message from your Minister …

First I must thank you for inviting me to become your Minister. Debbie and I are looking forward to joining you on the journey of faith together.

These are hard times – we have to socially distance ourselves, self-isolate for the sake of others and wash our hands twenty times a day! No more hand-shakes, hugs, or cheek kisses … a nod and an elbow bump suffice. Shops are empty, meetings cancelled, activities stopped, sports suspended, jobs uncertain, even worship gatherings are no longer happening.

This is hard for the Church –  coming together in worship and prayer and action is the lifeblood of the congregation. Together we meet with God, encourage each other and engage with the world – a world in need of God’s Love shown through Jesus. As individuals we seek to serve our Lord at home, at work, in the wider community, with our neighbours and with our friends. This time is a challenge for us – how do we sustain our faith without regular gatherings? How can we serve our neighbours at a safe distance?

We need to think of how we can encourage one another at this time.

The fact is that we are not really isolated however distanced we may feel. A telephone call with a familiar voice, a ‘face-time’ chat on a smart phone, an email with helpful information, booking a food delivery for someone … the list goes on. Praying for each other. Remembering those we know before God. Lifting people in need to Jesus for His Love to touch and heal. That may sound a bit clichéd but it works.

In these unusual times the church has had to think about how we provide opportunities for reflection and worship. It is our intention to provide access to regular worship and reflection through the internet for those who have the facilities. We also hope to keep regular contact through the CFNs – if you want a copy through your door let your elder know and we’ll do what we can.

Please use these ‘offerings’ –  it may seem strange and different but we trust that God can use them as ongoing encouragement and edification for His People.

As we approach Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day there should be plenty to reflect on – watch for details of how to access what is produced. We will use Matthew’s account of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Read it with us – chapter 21 onwards. In the quiet moments, recall what Jesus did for you on the Cross. In celebration shout ‘Hosanna’ or ‘Hallelujah’ with millions across the world.

As the Church, we are not isolated or distant – we share our lives with each other and, most important, with our Saviour Jesus Christ.

May God Bless you and may you be a blessing to others.

Elbow bumps from me,

Mark RS Smith