St Ninian’s Church

Glencairn & Moniaive Parish Church is a linked charge with Dunscore Parish Church and is within the Presbytery of Dumfries and Kirkcudbright.

The parish of Glencairn & Moniaive is located at the northern end of the scenic Cairn Valley in mid-Nithsdale, which is part of the Dumfries & Galloway region of South West Scotland.

The community is centred around the village of Moniaive.

We aim to play an active part in the community we serve, reaching out with the love and joy of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is ‘To convince all people of God’s love for them’.


Opening of Church Buildings

Update on the Covid-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus) measures:

The restrictions on use of Church buildings are becoming less, but the requirements of the Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland are still in force.  The latest information may be seen in the following items and in the Church Family Notices.

Our Session Clerk has provided some guidance on access to the buildings from 18 October 2021, which can be read here.

See also the latest updates in the Church Family Notices.

Read about the Kirk’s latest response, last updated 17 December 2021, on the reopening of churches here.


Message from our Minister

Sunday 16 January 2022

A Message from our Minister:

We have recently seen in the news how people in positions of influence and authority will pick and choose which ‘rules’ they follow. Politicians, Civil Servants, their ‘advisers’, and even a top tennis player have been ‘trying it on’! This is nothing new and we have often seen clips of some celebrity or politician squirming when quizzed about their behaviour. Even those who claim to be ‘of the people’ very quickly succumb to the ‘them and us’ culture.

What about God? He tells us how to live our lives (Ten Commandments) and will be our Judge at the end of time – you can’t get much more ‘us and them’!

Yet … He acted to bypass the barriers between us and Him by stepping down from His Infinite, Eternal Throne and becoming human to understand us and open the way back to Him. That’s what Christmas and Epiphany are all about – God with us. Born illegitimate, a refugee, apprentice joiner, wandering preacher – truly ‘of the people’. The celebrations seem over, but, with trust in Jesus, they can continue into 2022 and beyond.

God Bless,

Mark RS Smith


PRAYER for January:             

Almighty, Infinite, Eternal God,

You stepped into the flow of time for our sake

and time itself changed for ever.

Be with us as we set out into 2022,

guide our path, guard our hearts,

and strengthen our resolve to follow You;

through Jesus Christ our Lord,

who lives and reigns with You

and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.


 Tell Jesus that you trust Him, then consciously follow Him.




Our Minister’s notes for this week can be read in the Church Family Notices by clicking here.

See the Diary on the What’s On  page of this website for details of our forthcoming services.


With the restrictions on the use of our buildings, we also use the internet:

YouTube for recordings of the Sunday Worship and other resources            Facebook posts for ongoing encouragement and information                                Email for general contact and updates

– but we are aware that some of you are not connected to such things.


AD2022 is here!


Greetings from the Manse …

AD2022 is here! Anno Domini – the Year of the Lord.

We live in His time – the Infinite, Eternal, God who chose to become weak and enter the flow of time alongside us. The Birth of Jesus was regarded as so important that it was used to re-set the calendars – a new era had begun, a new epoch of history started as history became His Story!

Will 2022 be the year of His Story in your life?

Why not add it to your resolutions?

Our pattern of Sunday Worship returns to ‘normal’ next week, when we think about how the Wise Magi chose to make Jesus part of their story! And went a long way to see it through.

How long will your resolve last?

Join us to find out more about how His Story can change your life for ever … and beyond!

JOIN US as we start a New Year with Hope, Peace, Joy and Love … and Faith!

May God Bless you in AD2022,

Mark RS Smith