St Ninian’s Church

Glencairn & Moniaive Parish Church is a linked charge with Dunscore Parish Church and is within the Presbytery of Dumfries and Kirkcudbright.

The parish of Glencairn & Moniaive is located at the northern end of the scenic Cairn Valley in mid-Nithsdale, which is part of the Dumfries & Galloway region of South West Scotland.

The community is centred around the village of Moniaive.

We aim to play an active part in the community we serve, reaching out with the love and joy of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is ‘To convince all people of God’s love for them’.


Opening of Church Buildings

Update on the Covid-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus) measures:

The restrictions on use of Church buildings are becoming less, but the requirements of the Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland are still in force.  The latest information may be seen in the following items and in the Church Family Notices.

Our Session Clerk has provided some guidance on access to the buildings from 9 August 2021, which can be read here.

Read about the Kirk’s latest response, last updated 21 July 2021, on the reopening of churches here.


Message from our Minister

Sunday 19 September 2021

Today we ask the question: “Is God Green?” Certainly not the ‘Little green god on the way to Kathmandu’ of Music Hall days – giving my age away! How do you see Him? A road-side superstition? A distant dis-interested being? An Infinite and Eternal and Loving God?

If we understand how God sees Creation it can help us know how He wants us to see it and how He wants us to play our part within it. How will you respond? To God? To Creation? Today?

If you want further food for thought, try the Eco-Congregation Scotland website – some great resources there to challenge and inspire us!


Creator God,
thank you for the beauty of the earth and universe around us,
thank you for making me part of that creation.
I am sorry for the times I take it for granted,
I am sorry for the damage I cause to Your creation,
I am sorry for the ways my lifestyle hurts others.
Help me remember that I am part of Your great work of creation,
help me remember that I am in a position of trust with creation,
help me remember that I am capable of making a difference.
Guide me to be a good steward of creation
and play my part in protecting and managing its resources
so that I may reflect You in all that I do.



Creation & Me: acknowledge your responsibility for the earth.


 God Bless,



Our Minister’s notes for this week can be read in the Church Family Notices by clicking here.

See the Diary on the What’s On  page of this website for details of our forthcoming services.


With the restrictions on the use of our buildings, we also use the internet:

YouTube for recordings of the Sunday Worship and other resources            Facebook posts for ongoing encouragement and information                                Email for general contact and updates

– but we are aware that some of you are not connected to such things.


All Change! Back to ‘Normal’?

July 2021


The arrival of Tier 1 has enabled us to hold more services in St Ninian’s Church and plan for the summer. As a result we will be holding weekly worship at 10am IN CHURCH!

… for the foreseeable future.

At the time of writing numbers are still limited, face-masks required, social-distancing in place but … we can SING!


Yes … YOU!


I used the word ‘foreseeable’ but one thing the pandemic and COVID have taught us is that we need to be flexible to make the most of life within any restrictions and adaptable to grab any opportunities offered by changes in the pattern of life. In reality the Church has not always been very quick to change – one book written about Church History was entitled ‘Like A Mighty Tortoise’!

It looks like the summer will give plenty of opportunities to go back to ‘normal’ but most of us realise that we must create a NEW NORMAL for life. This is as true for the Church as for any organisation or person.

Our style of worship has been changed by Zoom – most people now wear slippers and PJs and slurp their coffee while I drone on!

We have been able to have a wider variety of worship, adding video-clips and downloaded music to enrich our services, spending quieter times in church for reflection and meditation when the opportunity has been there.


COVID has challenged our ‘normal’. People are thinking about their lifestyle, their work-life balance, their priorities – are YOU one of these people? Change is attractive but hard work – it would be easy to simply go back to the ‘old normal’, to slip into pre-COVID patterns of life. How serious are you about changing things in your life? Is it a dream or a determination for you? Is it really going to happen? Who can help you?

Jesus challenged people in many different ways. He asked them to step away from their current ‘normal’ and into His ‘normal’. A Way of Life centred round His Love, powered by Faith, guided by His Grace, driven by Hope, spreading His Light around, and sharing Joy with the world.

Is that the sort of ‘normal’ you want for your own life? Find out for yourself …

COME ALONG WITH US on the journey to your NEW NORMAL with Jesus.

I’m looking forward to being able to meet more of you ‘in the flesh’ and say a proper “hello” over the summer.

May God Bless you as you seek your NEW NORMAL with Him.

Mark RS Smith, Minister