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Vacancy News

Our good news is that the Sole Nominee for the vacancy, the Rev Mark Smith, is to be our new minister.  After the morning services on 19 January 2020, the congregations of both churches voted in favour.  It will be a short time before Mark is able to take up the charge, as there are some Church of Scotland procedures to be completed.  Meanwhile we welcome Mark, and his wife Debbie, to the Cairn Valley.

Further information about the election and subscribing to the Call may be read in the Church Family Notices below.

Associate Minister

At a meeting of the Kirk Session in October 2019, the Reverend Tim Harmer was welcomed to his appointment as Associate Minister to the linked congregations of Dunscore with Glencairn and Moniaive.

During the vacancy, the Congregation are encouraged to contact Reverend Harmer directly on any pastoral matters, including funerals. His details can be found under the “Contact” tab at the top of the page.

Booking of Premises

The procedure for booking our premises has been updated. We have moved to on-line booking, rather than through contact of an individual. Look under the “Bookings” tab at the top of the page for details.

Christingle 2019

We had a wonderful Christingle Service in St Ninian’s Church on Christmas Eve.

Click here to read more: Christingle

Church Family Notices

The Church Family Notices (CFNs) are available at the start of the service each week, providing details of the service and a look at the church diary for the coming week and beyond.  New items for inclusion should be sent by email to  See the latest issue (below) for the submission deadline.

Latest issue: Church Family Notices.

Church Finances

The Trustees approved the Congregational Accounts for 2018 at a meeting on 5th February 2019. The Accounts received approval of Presbytery and OSCR.

Click here to view the accounts: Signed Accounts 

The 2019 Annual Budget has been approved by the Board.  The details can be seen by clicking here: Budget

Eco-Congregation Scotland

Our congregation has joined the ecumenical eco-congregation movement to show that our church is concerned about the environment and wants to do something about it in the future.

Read more: Eco

Glencairn Church

The Congregation previously decided that the best stewardship of its limited resources was to dispose of Glencairn Church, and to concentrate activities within the village of Moniaive. As this milestone in the life of Glencairn is reached, the key decisions taken by the Congregation and Board over the four years to June 2018 have been listed as a reminder. Click here to see details:  GC milestone

Glencairn Church has been put on the market FOR SALE.  The Law Department of the Church of Scotand at Headquarters acts for us in this connection.

Click here to see the particulars:  Property

The Sunday services at Glencairn Church continue as advertised, and the building remains available for use at public events.

The adjacent cemetery is the responsibility of the Dumfries & Galloway Council.

Life and Work

The magazine of the Church of Scotland is published monthly and copies are available in the Church by subscription.  You can now read additional content on the internet at  It’s just a click away here.

News from Lubuto

Advent greetings from the Lubuto Congregation.

 It is our prayer that the Lord is sustaining the church in Scotland. As we start the Advent season on the 1st December and end on the 24th December may Christ be born anew in your lives. As we begin our Advent season find time to pray for us – December will be a busy month for us. We have our finance meeting, Annual General Meeting and planning meetings for 2020.

Our thoughts are always with you …..stay blessed.

From your brothers and sisters in Lubuto.

Upgrading and Refurbishment of St Ninian’s Church

The Board previously identified the need to upgrade the facilities at St Ninian’s Church to enable better use by the congregation and community. The plans were to refurbish the building to serve the community for the next 25 years. Following the initial consultation in February 2017, there were further consultations and public involvement in 2018 and 2019 on the design and layout.

A decision was taken by both the Kirk Session and Board in late-2018 to proceed with one of the architect’s design options.   However in 2019, a reversal of that decision was made: to not proceed with the upgrading until a new Minister was appointed to the Vacancy and sufficient funding was in place.

Prayer Diary

The Social Care Council of the Church of Scotland, operating as CrossReach, has prepared a Prayer Diary for the week.

Latest issue: Click  CrossReach


Do you know any young person who would like to attend the General Assembly 2020 to represent the Presbytery of Dumfries & Kirkcudbright as their Youth Representative? Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 25 on 16 May 2020 when the General Assembly commences. If you know of anyone interested please inform your elder, minister or Presbytery Clerk, by 1 February 2020.

Tea and Coffee

Glencairn & Moniaive Church is one of the ever-growing number of churches making the connection between trade and poverty and committing to using Fairtrade products including tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits.

Refreshments are served on Sundays at St Ninian’s Church, either after the 10:00am service or before the 11:45am service.

The Blessed Thing

The church publishes The Blessed Thing or a Newsletter several times a year.  This contains church news and other items, written mainly by members of the congregation. Contributions for the next issue should be sent by 1 February 2020 to the editor, Sue Grant, on email:

The most recent issue available: Click The Blessed Thing.

The Church of Scotland

Keep up to date with what is happening in the wider Church. Click here.

Toy Library

Over the past few months a small number of youngsters have enjoyed meeting to play together in St Ninian’s. Due to the small numbers attending, the group have decided to move to The Paterson Rooms. It is hoped that the group will be able to continue. If you or anyone you know would like to become involved, please get in touch with Janet Yule (200373) or Sandra Neill (200416) and if enough people come forward then perhaps the group will be able to keep going. The group would run in The Paterson Rooms which has a lovely outdoor area that would be suitable for outdoor play. Not only is it a chance for the younger children and babies to socialise, it is also ideal for the adults to have a chat and a cuppa. Anyone is welcome to pop in for a coffee and a play!! They meet on Friday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30.