These places listed below are where Glencairn and Dunscore congregations, with many friends, have worshipped over the years, remembering those who gave so much to maintain the Presbyterian forms of worship and government.

28th July 1996 – Skeoch Hill (Irongray)

In July 1678 more than 5000 Covenanters gathered to hear Revs John Welsh (Irongray), John Blackadder (Troqueer), Samuel Arnot (Tongland) and John Dickson (Rutherglen) – all outlaws under sentence of banishment or death. A monument is surrounded by ‘communion stones’ where the Sacrament was shared.

24th August 1997 – James Renwick Monument (Moniaive)
Renwick Memorial, Moniaive

Renwick Memorial, Moniaive © Walter Baxter

Born in Moniaive, James Renwick began his public ministry in 1683 at Moss of Darmead, Cambusnethan Parish. For just over 4 years during the ‘Killing Times’ Renwick stood firm and the pressure to have him apprehended grew. The Cowgate, Edinburgh was the place of his arrest – the captain of the guard, on seeing the youthful 26 year old, is recorded as saying: ‘Is this boy Mr Renwick that the nation hath been so much troubled with?’ He was taken to the gallows in Edinburgh Feb 17th 1688, and is interred at Greyfriars, Edinburgh.

16th August 1998 – Smith Stone (Moniaive)
Smith Stone, Moniaive

Smith Stone, Moniaive © Walter Baxter

William Smith, a lad of 18, was neither a great preacher, nor a leader of the Covenanters.
Smith was a young boy who remained loyal to his faith even when confronted, and on threat of death did not turn for his belief. The stone marks the place he was killed – it is not a remarkable stone – not easily seen, nor found! Just as the ordinary folk today need not have high position to be true to God. Smith was originally buried beneath the threshold of his family’s farmhouse. He was not allowed a Christian burial. However he was later interred at Tynron Kirkyard.

25th July 1999 – Allan’s Cairn (Tynron)

Commemorates George Allan and Margaret Gracie. This monument was built in 1857 in place of the cairn which had marked the graves.

A few miles south west is Altry Hill, a splendid natural depression in the landscape
which was perfect for gatherings. Grierson of Lag made a habit of searching out this location each time he was near; and one day he came upon a conventicle. Allan and Gracie were pursued, and when they did not swear the Oath of Allegiance to the king, were shot and left face down on the open moor. Later their friends returned and buried them at the top of the hill – Allan’s Cairn.

3rd September 2000 – Glencairn Kirkyard
16th September 2001 -Tynron Kirkyard
1st September 2002 – Ingleston Mains (Moniaive)

Five friends – Robert Grierson, Robert Edgar, John Gibson, James Bennoch, and Robert Mitchell, were arrested and taken to Ingleston Mains Farm, where they were herded into a walled enclosure. After a swift trial they were deemed to be deserving of death and were shot where they stood. Friends took Robert Grierson back to his home area of Balmaclellan, the others were buried at Glencairn.

31st August 2003 – Dalgarnoc (Thornhill)

Folks from the parishes of Durisdeer, Closeburn. Thornhill, Tynron, Keir, Penpont,  Dunscore, Glencairn & Moniaive gathered; and friends from near and far at the Nithsdale Cross which bears the names of 57 martyrs.

6th June 2004 – Lochenkit (Larghill, Urr Parish)

Eight men discovered at this spot – four were shot, four were arrested – of whom two were hanged at Hallhill (Irongray) and two deported to the West Indies. Six were martyred, the other two had their futures altered by persecution, yet retained lives strong through faith. The four who were shot were: William Heron, John Gordon, William Stewart and John Wallace. Edward Gordon and Alexander McCubbin were hanged at Hallhill. Robert Grierson and his un-named companion were taken from their families.

4th September 2005 -Brockhillstone Farm, Dunscore

30 gathered beneath the 6 oak trees – so close to Lag Tower, you could imagine the fear and courage of Covenanters living here, let alone worshipping.

1st October 2006 – Dalveen Farm: the site of death of Daniel McMichael
29th July 2008 Skeoch Hill Communion Stones
31st August 2008 – Craigenputtock
23rd August 2009 Renwick Preaching Stone