Office Bearers

Office Bearers

The church is governed by the Kirk Session, whose members comprise:

Interim Moderator: The Revd J Stuart Mill
Session Clerk: Vacant
Elders: Mr Lindsay Dunse
Mr William Glencorse
Mr Scott Jardine
Mr Paul Lyttle
Mr Graeme Macfarlane
Mrs Margaret MacKenzie
Mr Maxwell MacKenzie
Mrs Nan Tait
Mrs Elna Wilson
Mr Eric Wilson

The Congregational Board principally manages the finance and property matters of the church. In addition to the members of the Kirk Session, the Board comprises the following elected members:

Chairman: Mr Paul Lyttle
Clerk to the Board: Vacant
Members: Mrs Frances Dunse
Mrs Anja Lyttle

Mrs Helen Kelly



Board Members and others* with special responsibilities:

Booking Clerk: Mrs Anja Lyttle
Fabric Convenor: Mr Walter Patterson*
Freewill Offering Convenor: Mr William Glencorse
Fundraising & Events: Mrs Frances Dunse
Gift Aid Convenor: Mrs Jacqui Wilson*
Presbytery Elder: Mrs Margaret MacKenzie
PVG Co-ordinator: Mrs Nan Tait
Roll Keeper: Mrs Elna Wilson
Treasurer: Mr Maxwell MacKenzie
Twinning Link: Mrs Margaret MacKenzie